Thursday, January 8, 2009

When Tags Tell A Story

SHE says to write down seven 'random facts' about myself. I never gave myself so much thought. But I did gift myself a boyfriend who I scrutinize mercilessly. Its much easier to pen down random facts about him. So I decided to jot down seven things about him while he hassled over seven facts about me. Here goes:

Random Fact (Henceforth referred to as RF) no.1:

He could walk into the glitzy Indian Restaurant at the Taj, scroll down the suspiciously non-Indian menu and burst out laughing saying, "Listen to this! No. 112. 'Mumbai ke Gangol Phuaren' description - crispy golden fried canapes stuffed with baked potatoes and chick peas, served with tangy tamarind juice. A mouth-watering speciality from Bomaby, cooked to perfection by our chef just for you!" After laughing for five minutes, he will actually order the Mumbai ke gangol phuaren and then after adding a very desi touch to the elegantly served puris and water, he will pause between two mouthfuls to say, "You still get the best Gol Gappas on the thelas of Bangalore!"

He is addicted to Gol Gappas! Bring them on in any name, shape and size. He is all game! He will identify them anywhere and enjoy them with ill concealed pleasure.

RF no.2:

He likes to make a 'to do' list everyday. He very meticulously edits it every morning. He insists it helps him plan his day better. The list even includes things like - "Fire the Guy who washes the car for doing a poor job" or " Arrange for flowers to be delivered home" or "Pick samosas on the way back home". The list always sits on his desktop and is ready to be edited at the mercy of one click.

RF no.3:

He is a sentimental fool about gifts from his ex-girlfriend and he hates admitting it. He will come up with 'seemingly' practical justifications as to why he should retain that piece of sentiment, while insisting it has nothing to do with the girl per se. But in the dredges of his closet you will find some very old worn-only-once shirts and he will still sip out of some very old mugs.

RF no.4:

He never leaves anything half done. If he has agreed to undertake a task, he will not only just do it, but will give it his very best! The task can then be something as petty as keeping my frozen feet warm this winter! ;) or something as commendable as complething the 21km Airtel Marathon!!

RF no. 5:

He is obsessed with his movie collection. He would rather spend his weekend indoors sorting his movie collection than head out with a couple of friends.(Ok admittedly not always, but sometimes he does prefer doing this) He is also obsessed with adding to his movie collection. He now has seven hundred odd movies(none of them porn flicks) and more add themselves everyday. His lullaby in the night is the assuring whir of his laptop which indicates that movies are being downloaded even as he loses himself in some other world.

RF no. 6:

He likes to run. Jog is more like it. Its a different thing that he never finds the time to do it. But he always feels refreshed and particularly active every time he spends thirty odd minutes on the jogging track.

RF no. 7:

He loves making money and can turn even the most everyday moments into a money-making scheme! I call that creative and idealistic. Some day soon he is going to make a loooot of money! Lucky me :p!!


1. She loves pets. She has 2 Cocker Spaniels called Filou & Sera, two turtles called Flopsy & Mopsy, two birds called Bunty & Bubbly, and a little blue Dolphin called Rebus. She now wants to own a baby elephant, a baby monkey, a stable of four horses, three baby dinosaurs, and 2 pairs of little Martian Mongooses. I am serious about the baby elephant and the horses. The Dolphin is a soft toy… as yet.

2. She loves Ian Rankin (He is an author… just in case!). She loves John Rebus even more. John Rebus is a fictitious detective character created by Ian Rankin and is named after her little blue Dolphin (or vice versa, may be).

3. She is a voracious reader (300 pg book takes a day) and writes faster than she reads. She has the wildest possible imagination when it comes to writing. As a student, she once wrote a well researched story on college students and drugs. A publisher got hold of it and sold it to a famous satellite channel. She doesn’t even have a copy.

4. She once owned a 750cc Yamaha (ya… you got that right… SEVEN-FIVE-ZERO) and was into speed biking. She was called Tia by her biking friends. That’s until her parents banned her from speed biking, after a “war wound” leading to a knee surgery.

5. She is a gourmet. The benefits of her gourmet life-style reflect in her unmatched culinary skills, and the bloating tummies of the lucky ones around her. She can cook pastas and pancakes as wonderfully as she can bring alive the real taste of Paneer Lababdaar and Stuffed Brinjal. Top that with her personal cocktail recipe that makes Long island ice tea and Irish cream seem like soft drinks.

6. She can never get enough of skittles. Those little flavored colorful gem like sweet things. She could have them for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and for the fillers in between. She claims they give strength, intelligence, wisdom, warmth, chill, relaxation, emotional support, peace of mind, enlightenment etc, depending on whatever it is that comes to her mind when you asked her the question, “Why do you have skittles?”

7. And last but not the least. She will never accept this but she is one of the most large-hearted and generous person you would ever find. While she may insist that you first get around to letting her have her share of LVMH bags, a few diamonds, couple of cars and a lavish holiday on some personal beach, but in reality she is quite opposite. She spends all her time and energy accommodating other people’s emotions and needs.