Thursday, August 14, 2008

Khajuraho - an Introduction ;)

Refreshed from the trip to the misty mountains, the Krazy Krimson pair decided to explore some archaeological masterpieces in the land of erotic sculpture, Khajuraho.

Khajuraho literally translates into roots of a Date. A tiny little village-town buried somewhere in the depths of Madhya Pradesh, hibernating... waiting.. for that one foreign explorer to delight in its many temptations and excavate from the bosom of the thickest of jungles, the true expressions of unblemished love-making.

There are a million explanations for the erotic sculpting which adds grandeur to the sublime temples of Khajuraho. Some say, its because of the King and his disposition towards the carnal needs of human beings. Yet others say, that it was an attempt by the wise ruler of the Chandela dynasty to increase the population of the then minuscule kingdom of Chandela.

Loaded with information of this kind, we picked our bags and headed to the the station...

The journey began with an unwelcome experience in the Dakshin express, to Jhansi from Hazrat Nizamuddin. For those planning a trip between these locations, please stay away from this train. Even the second AC was stinking like an uncleaned Indian male public urinal spot.

Adaptable that we are, we reached Jhansi alive by 6am next morning. A friend of ours was waiting there with his bike for himself and his girl, and a rented car for us. We decided to bike down some parts of the way up to Khajuraho. The road was unexpectedly very good and the landscape was amazing. And the fresh contrast from the mountain landscape made this all the more refreshing for us. We eased to Khajuraho within 2 and a half hours and checked into Usha Bundela. An unexpectedly luxurious hotel for a price of less than 1.5 grands per night.

And then started are exploration of the erotic art of the Khajuraho Temples. We first visited the Western group of temples. And apart from all the temple watching the one thing thats worth talking about due to its sheer laughable worthlessness was the guide!

"This is Khajuraho, located in Madhya Pradesh, India."
Ya right! And we were wondering if we had reached some Indonesian heritage spot!!
The monotonous tone in which our guide began the most boring description possible of erotic art, temples, archaeological monuments, Kundalini Shastra etc., never picked up its tempo inspite of the apparent excitement of the objects being described.
His incessant stess on the fact that eroticism has nothing to do with ejaculation, but is primarily to conserve the root energy to awaken the "Kundalini", wasn't met with as much awe as he probably expected. Thus, the great raju "eroticism" guide shifted to his evidently practiced one-liners and quips that were only as exciting as a tea spoon in a tea cup, and wouldn't amuse even the little finger of my left hand.

To put it mildly, he was BAD. After describing a sculpture of a women pleasuring two men at the same time, he goes, in that much practiced crammed up fashion that'd put a 1st standard student in awe of him,"Oh! What a generous woman!"

And the one that really took the cake, was his one liner after having described a position where a single man, upside down, is pleasuring 3 women in one go. Mr guide goes, with a beaming smile brighter than the afternoon sun, "One man show!"


Inspite of such invaluable guidance, I got hooked on to the temples and wanted to explore more. But Krazy had some bamboo saree shopping in mind and the temple visits were put on hold for the next day.

To be contd. ...

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gunj said...

wow! d pics are beautiful! :)
now i think i am gonna visit this place soon!